Arthur Fox

Arthur Fox was born with many gifts. He’s more than a little telepathic and can read people’s energy with great ease. Thankfully, unlike Melissa, he has family who nurture those innate abilities and value his capacity to see the unseen and know what lies beyond the mask.

Arthur’s grandmother on his father’s side has been his teacher of all things related to Cherokee wisdom and plant medicine since he was very young. He reveres her above all members of his family and would spend all of his time with her if he could. A devoted student of his grandmother’s path, he still brings humor and light-heartedness, which are his gifts as well, to his time with Grandmother Fox.

Arthur’s natural charm, attractive appearance and wisdom far beyond his years would be a magnet for almost any teenaged girl. However, from the moment they meet, Arthur┬ácan see himself with only one girl, Melissa.

Arthur values loyalty, honesty and kindness among those with whom he shares his journey. Of course, he also likes to be a joker when the opportunity for levity presents itself.