Dream Journeys

Last night I dreamed I was a condor soaring over the Andes. When I awakened, the feeling of flight remained like the whisper touch of moonlight shimmering through the senses. And somewhere quietly sustained at the edges of my consciousness, the brushing of wings.

In Grandfather Poplar, dreams are often more than they seem. Melissa’s “sleep travels” with her spirit guide frequently reveal important truths or provide insight into past and future events.

Adahy and Melissa went far afield in this journey. He transported her consciousness all the way to South America to fly with what he called the *ghost bird. Although condors fly only in the daylight, using the thermals to lift to the heights, the spirit of Condor can take wing at any time, and it was in oneness that avian elemental essence that Melissa headed for the heavens.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time Melissa experienced soaring. The red-tail hawks who nest in GrandPop’s crown shared their flight with her on more than one occasion. But never before had she flown to such heights in a place of majesty and wonder.

Dreams can shape our waking reality, which in turn can shift our dreams. But which is more real, after all?



*Human beings use the name “ghost bird” to describe the elusive ivory-billed woodpecker, but Adahy says that it is meant for the condor.